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Wedding Vendor's to Know

It's Wednesday again!!! I am so very excited to share an amazing vendor who has an eye for capturing details is Owner Krystal with Krystal Franke Photography.

Hey there I'm Krystal, and I'm the photographer at Krystal Franke Photography!  I am a wedding, birth, newborn, NICU and lifestyle photographer.  I'm also a wife, nurse and marriage podcaster in my free time.  In the last year I decided to jump into being a small business owner and I'm loving every second of it.  Nursing is my primary occupation but what I love about photography and being a small business owner is that I get to do something I love, flex my creative juices and provide treasured, timeless memories for my clients that bring them back to some of the biggest moments in their lives.

First and foremost, I pride myself as someone who cares deeply about you and your story.  That is the service that I love to provide my brides and grooms and I believe sets me apart from other photographers in the business.  I also LOVE marriage and think it's the hardest and best thing in the world.  I recognize that planning a wedding or preparing for other big moments in life can be stressful and overwhelming but my goal as your photographer is to walk alongside you, learn about you as a couple and help bring to life everything your envision while I document those big moments.    I am most looking forward to the trend of more natural portraitures.  I come with a slew of traditional poses that are frame worthy for family and friends, but what I love to do most is provide my couples the opportunity to bring their love to life through their photographs.  I love to get my couples laughing, moving and showing off every part of who they are and capture the joy of their day.  My best advice to brides and grooms on their big day is to first and foremost remember what that special day is all about.  It's about making vows to each other in front of all of your family and friends.  And not only that, but its about the long haul of marriage.  That is a HUGE deal and so incredibly special.  This is one day in the grand scheme of your life with this person.  Ask me how much I love marriage and I'll talk your ear off.  My goal as a wedding photographer is to remind you about what's important and to capture the essence of you as a couple.  Your wedding day is all about your marriage to come, not just this one day.  Your plans and preparation will NOT go as smooth as you want them to (ask anyone who has planned a wedding!), but that is the beauty of marriage and life.  I know on my wedding day when I found out x,y & z didn't go as planned, I shrugged my shoulders and laughed because all I cared about was getting to that altar and marrying my guy.  Embrace the imperfections and unmet expectations that wedding days inevitably bring.  Find joy and create space in the slow moments of the day to soak it all in.     Website: Facebook: Instagram: @krystalfrankephotography

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