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New Year Big changes

Hey everyone,

Man what a year 2020 has been for everyone! I know that as much as we felt like we were riding an emotional roller coaster it was because we all were!!

I want to truly thank everyone who worked with us this year and helped us adjust to the millions of changes that we all faced together both fun and not fun.

Our staff way over worked ourselves, but despite a few things out of control we also did our best to help everyone and we had an amazing year full of beautiful weddings both big and small.

Here is what 2021 will look like for us this year!

1. We have new flower packages, these are different and all custom to our clients to help control cost, necessary items, and also our new Day of Setup option.

2. Destinations weddings are growing huge and we are so excited to see the new places we will be with new business vendors, and clients.

3. We have also added to our staff an we will be having a fun announcement with that coming very soon!!!

4. We have also been working with vendors and have a full connection list for clients as well for preferred vendors. (This ranges from rentals, Day of help, bakers, catering, photography etc. Please feel free to ask us for names and contact info!)

5. We have new adventures coming full swing as far as offering more then just weddings and event.( This 2021 will be awesome!!!!!)

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