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This blog is more of an educational blog and Des just speaking from her heart the best way I know how! We are trying to keep up with everyone since this world has been turned into something of sheer madness. Despite opinions we have really been striving to keep positivity though our messages on all platforms of social media and conservations.

I want to first and foremost say how we are so very thankful to each and everyone of you that have allowed us to be part of your events. The 2020 year started off with multiple winter weddings untill and very unfriendly guest named "Corona" decided to invite herself...

We have been rescheduling weddings since March for this year and well into next year. As sad as this is I want to give a piece of advice to each we are working with and just be honest to even those we aren't but maybe you can share.

You have been planning and dreaming of this big day, and no we don't want you to change your day, are we on mandatory lock down no.. but we do know this virus is real and effecting everyone differently. So instead let's change our thinking from sadness to positivity. Here is what I PERSONALLY have been saying.

A wedding is an investment, and hours of planning, and love put into each decision. So do you want to remember your wedding for being about "Corona"?

NO you want it to be full of excitement the memories of others who you hold dear being there to share in this special time of your life. So if it means picking another date even next year do it!

Let it give you extra time to be financially ready. Heck you can maybe do more then you planned vs now spending the money you have paying for something that is something we can't control yet. You want every moment to be as special as you planned from the beginning. Think about not just your date but think about traveling from bachelorette parties, honeymoon to guest. Instead of missing out on those things wait. There is a blessing even in rainy days right.. RAINbows! But if you want that date still then have a ceremony and have a big bash on a later date. We encourage that too, trust me I wanna make you a bouquet and cry when it's finished because I love it. (which I am known to do).

So don't cancel work with your vendors to find a date where we can still all be part of your big day and cry tears of happiness together and heck have a few drinks!

Stay strong, stay safe, and think positive!


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