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Bridal bouquet: 5 tips to keep it unique

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This is your big day!! And I always take pride in being sure that when a bride tells me "I have a pintrest board"... I am always very excited. I can read a girls board and really see what she is looking for in vision. But no matter what there is always something that stands out in each board I see.

You should always choose something that fit you. If you have a love of certain flowers tell your florist and the same if you have ones you don't. But be open to knowing that things can be seasonal so let them know why you love that particular flower. (Shape, size, scent, texture etc.)

A floral like myself wants to create something that shows who her bride is and capture your vision so when you look back you love it forever!!!

I am of course seeing more what we call natural garden gathered bouquets. These are designs with lot's of romance, texture, and focal flowers.

Wild flower look is another one that has hit 2020 and 2021 already. These bouquets really have the vibe of texture, as well as height and size. Don't be afraid to combine color and even dried items into it. The growing trend has been pompas grass. But there is also so many other unique items that our floral world has to offer and aren't expensive either.

And there is always our love for tropical accents mixed in with vines and actual berries or a long time favorite artichokes. Yes I will take you up on any offer to do something fun and unique!


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